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Kids playing in front of welded wire fencing

Designmaster™ Fence Features:

  • All Designmaster™ Fence systems consist of panels, posts, brackets, gates and fencing accessories for extra security or installations with special requirements
  • Galvanized Class I and powder coated components with eight
    attractive colors available
  • Fence systems are easy to install
  • Fence systems are strong, durable and long-lasting
  • Fence systems blend well with the landscape and environment
  • 5- or 10-year warranty Designmaster™ Fence can give you credits for LEED certification projects thanks to its green product features.

Designmaster™ Wire and Posts

Coatings Illustration

The wire and posts used in all Designmaster™ fence products are galvanized and then coated with a thick covering of zinc and powder coat to make them strong and corrosion resistant.

Designmaster™ Wire and Post Available Colors:

Color Swatches

Exact representation of colors in printing is difficult. Please refer to actual color samples for accurate
matching. Samples available upon request.

Designmaster™ Fence is available in five different fence designs – Classic, Milan, Florence, Contempo and Forte.

Each one has a unique design and style, which satisfies a variety of fencing needs. And, they are available in an assortment of bright, beautiful colors.

These distinctive wire fences are made out of recyclable steel and manufactured with environmentally friendly processes. They are zinc and powder coated for durability and strength.

White welded wire fence